Welcome to Callsign Shirts….

We offer a range of exciting, movie-inspired, (unofficial) shirts, hoodies and other bits and bobs, which can be customised with your own name or text.

It’s your chance to own a unique tribute to some of your favourite movies, and the perfect gift for everything from birthdays to bachelor parties.

Save a look at the examples above, then hit up the links below to start ordering. Go on. You know you want to.


No Commitment

I'm so confident you'll love your custom-made design, you don't have to a pay a penny until you've seen it. Submit your order with no commitment. Once it's ready, you choose whether or not to buy.

Front or Rear Print

If you'd rather have the logo printed on the back of the shirt, you can. All at absolutely no extra cost whatsoever.

Your Choice of Shirt

Long sleeve, short sleeve, round or v-neck, men's, women's or even a hoodie. The choice is completely yours, in a huge range of colours.

Totally Unique

You choose the style, and the text. It's not just a generic shirt, but your own nickname or callsign, right there, fully integrated into an authentic logo.


Top Gun Style

Dredd Badge

Gotham Police